World of Paper Quilling- DIY Quilling Kit for beginners

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  1.  Bring out your imagination and creativity with this unique Quilling kit
  2. Learn Quilling art in just 7 simple stages through 120 pages Quilling book- from tight coils and loose coils to 3D Quilling
  3. Dive into the idea gallery and explore the versatility of quilling through the 20 projects ranging from Quilling cards and friendship bands to spinning tops and fantasy finger puppets
  4. This Quilling kit comes with 4 Quilling tools: Super Quiller- Worlds first automated multifunction Quilling Tool, Easy Coiling Disk and Jumbo Coiling Disk replaceable attachment to be used with Super Quiller, a Quilling Board and a Quilling Mould, Also includes 550 Quilling strips and googly eyes
  5. Discover an unparalleled way to create, play and enjoy - cause Making makes us Happy!
  6. For kids of age 8 years and above


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