Imagimake has been established with the objective to bridge the gap between development and entertainment by creating fun and constructive toys for children. We provide a fulfilling and innovative range of products which cater to art & hobby, educational toys, puzzles and 3D model making sets that win the hearts of both parents and child. Imagimake range of toys facilitates holistic child development.

Our activity toys & DIY craft sets cater to kids who are 3 years and above, but these toys are crafted in such a way that even adults can enjoy! These toys are a great way to harness the creativity and expose kids to a whole new world of possibilities!

Imagimake brings forth the vision to create a toy range that is innovative, easy to play with, affordable and have a higher play value. Our current range includes:

Mapology - An engrossing jigsaw puzzle designed to make geography more fun for kids, which shall sharpen the geographical knowledge of children as also provide doze of entertainment to keep them constructively occupied. It includes map puzzles of country, continents and the world

Worldwide - The exciting range of Worldwide include 3D model making sets which are designed to help the child explore and learn about different animals, monuments, houses and birds from across the world. These building toys are a practical lesson plan for teaching the child about the world around them.

Explorer - A range of DIYs targeted at the child upto 5 years to help them explore different art and craft activities. Playtime with this DIY kit has a tremendous impact on a child's cognitive, social and emotional growth.

Quill On - Quill On is our innovative creative play system based on technique called Quilling. It comprises of patent pending tools, consumable strips that are used to make some exciting creations and also some playful DIY kits. We have served more than 50,000 customers worldwide since our launch, a majority of who are first time quillers.

The other components of the exciting range at Imagimake consist of Think-a-maze and Snappies.

Imagimake came into existence in the year 2012 to offer an innovative platform dedicated to help children express themselves creatively. Imagimake has since come up with some extremely creative games and projects, which provide a unique experience for children in expressing themselves through these innovative models. Based out of Mumbai, India, Imagimake delivers some of the most creative and formative experiences in the lives of children.

Imagimake has taken the onus of continuously exploring different ideas in art and craft, puzzles, model making and board games so that the user can select from a wide variety to enable explore & express their own creativity. The motto is to strive for excellence and offer the best in each product category, so that the user benefits the most in the end.