Small Steps for Better Future

           A small step for a better future. We are delighted to partner with Chandramohan Foundation and Golden Source to reach 5000+ children in Municipal Schools and Anganwadis through our special designed “Back to School” STEM kit. Toys are great way for children to learn, but often is not accessible to large portion of the population. With learning now going digital, these children with limited access to digital technologies, suffered the most. Our partnership was a small yet much required step in taking the “play-way” method of STEM learning reach to these deserving and underprivileged kids. Extremely thankful to Golden Source and Chandramohan Foundation for taking up this important cause as a part of their CSR initiative.

            In the first kit distribution drive at Pune, 260 Back to School Kits were distributed over 130 Anganwadis, impacting 2000+ children. Here’s a glimpse of the event with the littles ones: 

            Kids enjoyed the all activities and this self-learning kit helps them to hone their creative skills building their curiosity and helping them discover their passion. The second drive was conducted at Vikroli Vidyalaya, Mumbai where 450 Back to School STEM kits were distributed following the social distancing guidelines. Bhiva Yejare, Principal of Vidyalaya said, “Being unable to attend Anganwadis, these children have been forced to stay home for over a year. Few of the parents also find it difficult to afford a smartphone due to which kids are not able to attend online classes as well. That has resulted in creating a gap in their early learning and development. These STEM kits are beneficial for the child’s holistic development as it has so many innovative learning methods.” Here is the glimpse of the second distribution drive at Vikroli Vidyalaya, Mumbai:

            Kids learn the best while they are playing, as they engage and interact in the world around them and are engrossed in the experience with body & mind. Play-way learning activities provide hands-on, discovery based experiences for kids. This helps in developing  physical, cognitive, social and emotional skills. Play makes it easier for kids to learn and retain complex information and learn to apply the knowledge they have gained.

Back to School - STEAM set is created with a purpose - Play, learn and create!

The kit comes with 3 activities, which are aimed to-

  1. Fuel child’s curiosity,
  2. Stimulate imagination & creativity,
  3. Enhance logic & problem solving skills

 & also make learning fun ;)

        The play way activities are integrated with STEAM (Science. Technology, Engineering, Arts & Math) approach to learn various concepts of science, technology, engineering and math along with arts. The Back to School – STEAM Set comes with 3 fun-filled, mess free, easy-peasy activities.

         Each activity delivers innovative, delightful and safe play experience for children:

  1. India Map with Flags & Capitals -
  • Learning geography is now fun with this amazing and intricate foam map puzzle.
  • Solve the puzzle by making map of India using Indian State-shaped puzzle tiles
  • Learn the States of India, Union Territories and their Capitals.
  1. 3D Miniature Models -
  • Learn about Houses around the world, Monuments, animals and birds with this innovative 3D miniature model making activity.
  • This is activity is good for developing dexterity, eye hand co-ordination and creativity
    1. 3D straw Activity
    • Explore infinite construction possibilities with straws and connectors.
    • This activity boosts imagination, creative thinking and spatial understanding

                   Imagimake make toys and games that help children discover their passion. Our products have won 10+ National & International awards and are consistently ranked among the bestselling toys & games across platforms. Imagimake is present in more than 20+ countries – USA, Australia, Netherlands, Germany, Spain to mention a few. We have a set of 80+ SKUs spread across 5 main product lines for ages 3 years and up. Operating in the STEAM space, our products are targeted at making Learning & Education fun and aiding in the Creative Development of children.


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