Magic Clay - Experience the Joy of Creativity!

Magic Clay - Greeting card

Each of us is Special!

Who comes to mind first? Team, family, seasons, occasions, emotions or children?

No matter what you choose, it is certain that each member of these groups has a myriad set of nuances that form the labyrinth of its own individuality. A uniqueness that makes the group diverse and whole. Embracing this allows the group not just to coexist but paves the path to growth!

Magic Clay kit

With our new launch at Imagimake - Magic Clay Kits - as we encourage kids to colour and mould we aim to help them understand exactly this.

With each stroke of colour, roll, press or pinch of clay we invite them to understand that our actions have implications but the outcome isn’t always completely in our control. Nevertheless, if we take a moment to observe, acknowledge and assimilate the imperfections - we may find that each individual is a gold mine of potential and has a role to play. Repeated practice of this has the power to unlock unlimited satisfaction and joy!

The experience of creating your own coloured clay is magical. Now you can enjoy that as you create clay models in your favourtie theme: Unicorn, Space and Animals. Each kit contains 2 types of clay: 9 super light clay and 2 foam clay, along with 12 colouring pens, clay tools, and googly eyes.

So let’s join hands, embrace individuality and get ready to say - ‘Look What I Made!’

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