Celebrating the rich culture of India through Indian Art Forms!

Indian Art Forms

Indian Art Forms have such rich cultural value that when we decided to create a product that would allow children to get a flavour of this treasure trove – it felt like a challenging task indeed. As we researched the existing market offerings, we only saw this battle turn uphill. The question then was – not only how do we help children appreciate the art forms, but also how do we do it in a manner that is differentiated.

Indian Art Forms

Over the years of spending time with hundreds of children, engaging in art and craft activities what we have noted is that our strength lies in breaking down complex art forms from intricate Paper Quilling to spectacular Colour Blending into bite-sized, mess-free simple activities. The fantastic team of in-house artists we have is able to ensure that, in spite of the simplification, the end result that a child (who might even be a novice to the technique) is able to create is absolutely gorgeous. Moreover, the journey of getting there creates moments of joy and pride!

The addition of the Multi-Surface marker, coming in to replace liquid paints is one way in which we make this happen in this product. Pre-printed fabric, wood and canvas – add a rich variety of surfaces to the product and the mix of clay and colouring brings variety into the play patterns. With each art form, the child learns about its history and unique traditional motifs but gets the opportunity to experience it in a simple, mess-free and contemporary form that they just absolutely love!

Explore the various Indian Art Forms and techniques, including Lippan on canvas, Mandala on clay stickers, Madhubani on fabric, Bagru block printing, and Warli on coasters.

We hope you take a moment to try it out in your family or can think of someone you might wish to recommend it to.

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V.good for learning ,art n craft for kids

Manju Saraf January 11, 2024

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