Boredom Busters: 4 Fun & Creative Activities to keep children occupied at home

It’s a good move by administration to close the schools, mall and other places of public gathering as a precautionary measure. We all hope that normalcy will be restored soon, and we can all get back to our daily lives.

While the world is trying to find a cure for the virus, we have something for you to kill the boredom while being confined. The current situation has resulted in lot of free time for children. We do not want them to spend the entire day in front of TV and Mobile Phone and the available forms of outdoor recreations are also limited under current circumstances. This is a great time to keep your children engaged with constructive and creative activities. The best part about these activities are they also help children in improving their overall skills and help them discover their interest and passion.

Quilling- The art of Quilling is one of the most mesmerizing techniques. Its awesome visual appeal combined with shear simplicity of the technique makes it a must try for everyone.

  1. The technique involves taking a strip of paper and rolling it to make coils.
  2. Once the coil is ready you can expand it with the help of sizing board and shut it close
  3. All you need to do is to pinch the coil in different ways to create shapes and combine these to make different patterns and design

What makes the technique so interesting and appealing is the immense depth and endless possibilities. The technique is very easy to pick-up and you can start making simpler designs within first 10-15 minutes of the play. What makes this technique even more exciting is the range of innovative tools and play elements by Imagimake. Some of these are:

  • Use of battery powered tool to make coiling fun and easy. Manual coiling was tedious and mundane activity for children. Use of battery powered tools to make coil helps eliminating the mundane coiling, so that children can focus on creating designs and patterns that they enjoy the most. The battery powered tool comes as a tabletop device- Spyro Station (Age 5-8 years) or handheld tool- Super Quiller (Age 8 and above).

Quilling Tool

Spyro-Station requires very little guidance and help from parents and even a 5-year-old can get started pretty much on their own.  The device comes as a part of 2 products Spyrosity-Explore and Spyrosity-3D Crinkler. Depending upon you children’s age and interest you can choose the option most suitable. Super Quiller is amazingly fast, suitable for all ages above 8 and is popular both among beginners and artists. What makes this tool cool is that you have different attachments that you can be used with same tool. For example, Easy coiling disc is more suitable for coiling 1-2 strips, whereas Jumbo coiler can coil up to 10 strips in 1 go and I extensively used by artists also for making 3D designs, accessories and jewelry.




  • Mess Free- Say goodbye to messy gluing with Sticky back strips and Design cards. The fact that Imagimake’s Quilling System does not require any use of glue makes it a big hit among parents and children. The use of peel and stick strips and design cards makes the process not only more fun, but also a lot easier and mess free. The wide array of vibrant colors of strips to choose from, takes the crafting experience to whole new level.


  • Curated Beginners Kit- Imagimake range has these specifically curated kits for beginners to get started. Spyrosity Explore is a great place to start for children in the age of 5 -8 years, whereas World of Paper Quilling works great for all ages above 8 years. Imagimake’s unique instruction system makes creating designs like a walk in the park. The notation based step-by-step instruction system as shown deconstructs the creative process making it easier for children to pick-up the technique. World of Paper Quilling is a bestselling Quilling Kit among crafters of all ages. The set includes a 100+ page book divided into 7 segments, starting from the very basic to more intricate designs and techniques. All the tools, accessories and Strips for the projects in the book are included with the set. In the end there is an idea gallery for the users to explore more. Once you have got a hang of the technique you can also visit the Quill On Idea Gallery on their website for more fun projects and DIY Craft.


 Worldwide Model Making Sets- Here curiosity meets creativity and opens a new world of possibilities. These fun and educational toys help children to make miniature models of Animals, Monuments, Birds and Houses from around the world. Each set comes in a specific them and includes 13 different models. The pre-cut pieces must be fixed or glued to create these amazingly cute and fun objects.

 Each object would take 5-15 mins to make and then they can move on to make other designs in the pack. The series also has a “on the Map” options where the set also includes a write and wipe world map and marker set along with a fun activity book. Once the children have finished making the objects, they can use the activity book and solve puzzles, crosswords or play a quick game that helps them to learn a lot more about the objects in the set. Priced between Rs. 400-700 these are a great way to keep your child engaged for hours.


Stamp Art- Every child loves to Stamp and color! Well with Imagimake Stamp Art set you take the experience to a new level with easy blending marker pens. These specially designed markers make the stamping easy, fun and mess free. Stamps included in the set can be washed and reused. The pens on one hand makes the play experience mess free and at the same time helps children to blend multiple colors in the same stamp to create stunning visuals. You will be surprised when you see what your little ones have created. Starting at just Rs.199 this is a must try!


Fleximos Window Art - Children love playing with clay. Clay and other compounds are great tactile play options and a fantastic medium to express your creativity and ideas. Fleximos unique and fun play pattern involves painting with clay to make your favorite designs. Suitable for children in the age group of 3 year and above, Fleximos Window Art range includes stencils of designs in the form of sticker and air-dry clay to fill between the lines. All kids have to do is fill in the gaps with the color of their choice and let the frame dry for an hour. It’s a great stress buster for adults too! Once the clay has dried out, you can peel the sticker and use it to decorate the book shelve or window or a mirror. The special compound allows children to blend colors to create a new color. The stunning visual appeal of these stickers makes the children ecstatic. You can choose from 7 packs that starts from Rs. 99 with 1 sticker per pack to Rs. 399 with 6 stickers in a pack.

We are sure all of you will find something that your children may enjoy and probably you can also join the fun with your Kids. Let’s try to make the best out of the current situation, while we pray and take all necessary precautions for the situation to get better!



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