Make with Shapes - Vehicles

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  • Shape Puzzle for toddlers to enjoy learning 10 basic shapes including Circle, Square, Triangle, Rectangle & Star
  • Includes 5 Vehicle Puzzles: Car, Boat, Engine, Truck and Rocket
  • This Montessori style toy teaches children through the play way method and even has name blocks for each mode of transport
  • Each puzzle is 20 cm x 18 cm (7.5 inch x 7 inch) and the pieces are large enough for even 3 year olds to enjoy this puzzle
  • Great play pattern to improve the fine motor skills and problem solving skills as they solve the puzzle and understand that parts make a whole
  • Helps kids develop spatial recognition as they play, try and understand which shape and which size fits where
  • Uses 8 mm thick pieces of Soft, Sturdy and Safe foam material. This material complies to European safety standards
  • AGE: 3 Years and above 


Colours may vary from these illustrated

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