Alpha Puzzle

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  • A unique and self-correcting puzzle for toddlers to enjoy learning the Alphabet. The carefully planned unique jigsaw on each alphabet, makes it impossible to connect it with any other incorrect set
  • 4 play modes for different ages and stages - learn Capital Letter & Object, Capital Letter & Small Letter, Trace to learn writing the alphabet and Put it All Together!
  • Great play pattern to enhance the motor skills and problem solving skills of children 
  • Encourage children to speak while playing to enhance their phonetic skills as each object association is planned with Phonics in mind
  • Uses 6 mm thick pieces of Soft, Sturdy and Safe foam material. This material complies to European safety standards
  • Size 31 cm x 27 cm x 6 cm
  • For kids of 3 Years and above


Colours may vary from these illustrated

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