Ultimate Border Buddy

Regular price Rs. 325.00
  1. 1st time ever - Make more than 25+ different shapes with the help of 7 shape towers
  2. More size options - Helps you in making bigger shapes then the options currently available in the market
  3. 7 Shape Towers with 12 size levels and an ergonomically designed handle for easy grip- Total 8 pieces in a pack including the handle
  4. Towers available in Circle, Square, Rectangle, Drop, Oval, Pentagon and Triangle
  5. Useful in wide variety of applications - from making Quilling Earrings to Quilling Flowers or even 3D Quilling objects
  6. There are 2 great ways of using the borders – make nested border shapes or combine the borders with paper quilling coils
  7. Available in 3 colour options – Green, Blue and Pink (please select your choice from the drop down)
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