Mapology Continents

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  • LEARNING MADE FUN: A unique and fun map puzzle to learn the Continents of the world
  • STATE SHAPED PUZZLE PIECES: All the pieces are cut in the shape of the Continent that snugly fit each other to the form the World Map
  • UNDERSTANDING SIZES AND SHAPES: Get a visual understanding of the relative sizes and shapes of different continents around the world
  • KNOW THE LOCATION: From North America in the west to Antarctica in the south, kids learn the locations of the different Continents as they play with this puzzle
  • SKILL DEVELOPMENT: Problem-solving, fine motor and eye-hand coordination are some of the skills that are intrinsically enhanced while playing with this puzzle
  • CONTENTS: 1 Foam Puzzle Frame o 8 Puzzle Pieces
  • AGE: 5 Years and above
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