Clay Murals - Jungle

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  • 2 in 1 PAINT & MOULD: Begin by painting the canvas and then enjoy clay modelling as a combination of activities that promotes creative & imaginative play
  • CLAY ART FOR KIDS: This clay kit teaches kids to make 3D clay lions and zebra. Kids will also make clay molding giraffe, elephant, tiger and monkey! And the excitement does not ends here as we have 3 more exciting themes - Unicorn, Dino & Candyland
  • 3 WAYS TO PLAY: Starts with simple 2D layering and advances to 3D Clay molding. Lastly advances to the artist level as the child designs a blank canvas completely in his/her own unique way 
  • UNIQUE TEXTURES: This kit takes tactile sensory play to a whole new level with 4 different textures. These not only make the creations vibrant and highly attractive but also allow children to experience and explore novel materials like air dry clay
  • EASY WAYS TO CREATE THE SPECTACULAR: Now preserve your wonderful creations forever using this special Air Dry Clay (not reusable). From printed canvases to step-by-step pictorial instructions making these fascinating creations has been made easy for even a 5-year-old
  • COLOUR THEORY: The clays blend together seamlessly to give hands-on view of colour theory to children with a whole spectrum of possibilities
  • CONTENTS: 5 Canvases, 9 Glass Paint Tubes, 12 Foam Clay Pouches (Air Dry), 6 Super Light Clay Pouches (Air Dry), Clay Tools, Googly Eyes, Instructions & Templates
  • AGE - 5 Years and above
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