DIY Jungle Activities

Arts & Crafts are a great way to get the kids creatively involved and keep them busy for hours! They can explore variety of different art forms like clay modelling, paper craft, colouring & stamping & much more! This also own help kids to build their creative imagination, improves concentration, motor skills. So here we present you a wide range of fun DIY Jungle theme activities for kids to keep them creatively engaged for hours:  

 1. DIY Clay Modelling - 3D Lion

 Watch this 1 minute video and learn easy ways of Clay Modeling!

2. Thank You Card - Tank U (Fishbowl)

With the help of crafts, clay, quilling, stamps and painting you can make this beautiful Thank You Card!

 3. Paper craft for kids

Here is a fun paper craft fishes activity for kids that helps your little ones practice using scissors!

 4. Fleximos 3D Octopus

“Say whaaa...” Just a couple of simple twists can turn a crab into an octopus! Drawing, Quilling, Clay Modelling all just become so much easier once we learn to see the simple shapes that make up a complex and build it 1 step at a time!

5. Mouse N Cheese Penstand

 Now it's too easy to make a Mouse N Cheese Penstand with the clay and paper!

6. 3D Quilling Puppy  

 Here's how you can make a furry friend, inspired by our easy to follow instructions in the world of paper quilling kit!

 7. Stamp Art Whale Card

Three shades of purple with two coloured stamp pens makes a beautiful stamp art whale card!