Splendid Jewellery Studio

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  1. It is fun and stunning pack to help express your imagination and creativity
  2.  Splendid Jewellery Studio is a complete jewellery making kit which has all the material to create bracelets, necklaces, earrings, hair clips, hairbands, anklets and even a belt
  3. This Quilling kit comes with 4 Quilling tools: Super Quiller- Worlds first automated multifunction quilling tool, Beading Buddy replaceable attachment to be used with Super Quiller, a Quilling Board and a Quilling Mould, Also includes 500 Quilling strips with 350+ beading strips of 20 patterns in 6 different shapes
  4.  Frist time ever beading strip pack to make colourful beads in different shapes and sizes using the Super Quiller tool with beading attachment.ever to make colourfull  beads
  5. This helps in enhancing creative thinking, dexterity, concentration and also a great creative gift recommended for girls of age 7 and above. You can also take inspiration from the idea book with 20+ designs
  6. Extra materials provided help to explore your own creative ideas\
  7.  For kids of age 7 years and above
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