Fleximos Deca

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  • 10 INNOVATIVE COMPOUNDS: Comes with unique chemical compounds with a special quality – colour changing putty, DIY glupty slime, magnetic putty, blooming tree, colour your own clay and more
  • 20+ PLAY PROJECTS: Get set for hours of fun with the crazy experiments like which clay conducts electricity, make slime that Glows in the Dark, create vanishing characters
  • STEAM ACTIVITY SET: Activities included range from more scientific ones like learning colour theory to creative clay modeling
  • COMPLETE PLAYSET: Along with the 10 unique fleximos get 10+ experiment apparatus like battery case, LEDs, Magnetic Stick, Flask, Beaker, Walking Mechanism Googly Eyes and Clay Modeling Tools
  • SAFE, NON-TOXIC & FILLED WITH WONDER: Perfect for curious kids of all ages above 5 years
  • PERFECT GIFT – Fleximos Deca is a great indoor activity for the kids. It is a great option for party gifts as well.
  • CONVENIENT PACK SIZE – Some of the clays are AIR DRY material. We have packed them in air tight containers. Make sure to not be leave them open for too long, to avoid drying out.
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