Toddler's Learning and Creative Kit

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This Busy Bag is filled with educational puzzles, craft ideas and fun summer activities for kids. Packed with 30+ puzzle boards, 5 puppets, 1 puppet theater, 1 stamping and colouring kit and tons of clay - this kit will keep your child constructively engaged throughout summer vacations. The Toddler's Kit helps in developing fine motor skills, concentration, problem-solving skills, patience and hand-eye coordination of the child. Perfect summer activity set for kids in the age group 3  years to 6 years. Here's the complete list -  click on the links to know more about each item

  • Window Art - Yummy Treats: Let your child experience the joy of creativity by decorating their room with 3 lovable DIY Window Art Designs. It has Dotz Clay which is an AIR DRY material
  • Play Dotz: Most perfect clay to play with! Clay modelling for kids
  • Mapology India with Capitals: A unique and fun foam map puzzle to get visual understanding of the locations and size of Indian States and Union Territories
  • Stamp ArtGreat fun activity kit comes with adorable 6 Stamps, 3 Stamp Pens and 4 Creative Projects
  • Alpha Puzzle: A unique and self correcting puzzle for toddlers to enjoy learning the Alphabets
  • Junior Abacus: Best way to learn with Counting and Stacking. Learn Shapes, Numbers and Colours with this Kit
  • Make with Shapes: Best puzzle for toddlers to learn basic shapes and Vehicles!
  • Circus Puppets: Introduce your toddler to the world of Quilling with these awesome Ready Spyros. Make 5 fun-filled Circus Puppets and make them alive with adding stones & googly eyes to have fabulous story time!
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