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We're delight to share this surprise blog review we just received from Snehalata Jain - a dedicated and passionate mum and an avid blogger. Here is what she says about: Mapology India with Capitals

                        "Imagination is the key to creative minds"

"Creative kid learns better than others because of its own imagination. They learn more when they see more, when they experience more. Kids mind is an open canvas, which can be filled with creativity if given a right set of materials."

Angel learning Indian state using mapology

Mapology by Imagimake

A playful kid is better than a studious child who is lacking self-confidence. I believe if a child is happy, he is grasping more things compared to the unhappy child. The playful child is always healthy than a studious kid.

Bachpan hai, use jeene do,

khulke use udhne do.

Kyu pankh kaat kar

use kitabon mai jhakad rakha hai,

use khud jeekar sikhne do.

This lines came to my mind when I was taking my kid to Kerala trip after bunking school for 12 days. I was worried how she will cope up after she comes back from the trip. But my husband who is a better parent told me, that the things she will learn while exploring Kerala, can’t be taught in the closed classroom. And he was absolutely right. Now if you ask where is Kerala in Indian map, she knows where to point out and she will also explain the whole Malabar coast to us. Thanks to HolidayIQ and go Kerala Tourism for this lovely experience. But as a possessive mom, I thought taking something creative for the trip so that I could spend quality time with her during traveling. While deciding what to take her to teach better. I took Mapology India with capitals, which is kind of puzzle which a kid can see, and solve and understand all the states and union territory.

Mapology by Imagimake

The child only studies if taught in a playful manner. If I ask my daughter to learn the map of India using the book, she won’t learn but if I teach her in a playful method she would not only learn the names of states but also the capitals of each state. This is what Imagimake did it with me. I got a gift from imagimake which was mapology puzzle consist of a foam map which is a child-Friendly material for 5+ kids that will never affect the child skin. This foam has an India map and states are cut in a such a way that, each state is differently colored and perfectly shaped. On top of each state, they have one cut which is given for flag of capitals of each state. A picture will make u more clear. This map is really big in size which is 32cm*37cm and has 24 pieces of the puzzle. As some of the smaller states are merged to make bigger so that kid can solve it easily. This map also has union territories and their capital and also the name of the water bodies. Solving the puzzle is the first activity of this box.

Foam based Indian map puzzle

Indian map puzzle

The second activity of mapology is to take out the stickers from the paper which has a labeled capitals to stick on each flag. Once all flags are completed, you can teach your kids to put each flag on its state. So start from the state you stay like I taught angel by putting Mumbai at first place and then our natives and places which we went to holidays.

This is how kids remember fast and also understand the basic map of India. This map of India is so light weight that you can carry easily when you are traveling. Since I had a lot of time in Kerala, we had spent solving this puzzle many times and the angel would reply with the name of state and capital. I’m so happy that my angel could learn the name of states and capital in so easy way, which I could not have Taught her by any means.

Indian map solution

Angel trying to solve puzzles by matching letters

Imagimake believes what all moms should believe, that Play should be an integral part of childhood and as a guardian or parents, we always strive to provide a fun and secure play environment for our children. Imagimake is committed to providing an innovative, delightful and safe play experience for our kids. All products are high standards with respect to quality and safety and content. They have been tested and certified by an accredited laboratory.
So all moms out there, make a tagline that imagination is the mind’s best friend and more imagination will bring more creativity. Remember one thing, Nothing better than creative play. So Play More, Play Safe.


Snehalata Jain is an avid blogger. She has 5 year old daughter to whom she taught different States and Union Territories of India by playing Mapology India with Capitals Foam based puzzle. Her blogs are very relevant to every young Indian parent and we encourage you to check it out at: 

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